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Note: I don't dance in my undies, yet! lol....
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ME: I'll try to do it
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Aug. 14th, 2012 08:23 am
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A friend of mine posted this on her FB wall with the message...

" For my three married sisters. . . you might need some ideas. HAHAHAHA! "

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Thank GOD I can finally see the sun *yay! shine some more* after 48 hours or more of non stop heavy rainfall. Getting quite afraid here cause the flood water was almost reaching my apartment room  (I'm on the 2nd floor). Still can't go to work since yesterday cause the only possible way to go out was through the window and rent those boats moving around the subdivision which cost a lot  *hey, I'm not buying the damn boat* to reach the main road. Anyways, the water was slowly going down *thank GOD* and I need to buy some stuff *food etc* so I had no choice but to ride those boats since Mr. neighbor told me that only big trucks can wave their way into the main roads since flood water are still waist deep there. *sigh*
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Floods cause by nonstop rain brought by the southwest monsoon over Metro Manila and parts of Luzon during the past 24 hour.

Our prayers for those who are affected by the floods.


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