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...found this on my news feed on FB...ahhhh, miss all my kitties at home. I had 8. (^_^)
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...yeah, I still have with me my very 1st love letter given by a classmate of mine when I was still in grade school written on a piece of perfumed stationary. Geez, I remember those days when stationaries(?) were so popular we used to collect and do exchanges (for those who had more than a piece of a certain design) when we were at school. I used to had lots of them but I can't remember where I put them now.......
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" I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny"

--Dr. Seuss--

   Another rainy day today, and yeah I am having lots of good fun braving the heavy rain and heavy traffic on my way to work this morning and would be expecting much the same when I went home later. (^_^)
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  Just random thoughts I had in mind now since our company had this "General Cleaning Day" stuff or whatever it was called today. After pretending to clean some laboratory apparatus, *they are clean anyways, lab assistants cleans them daily* I am now waiting for some bacteria/s to accumulate/grow on petri dishes and pretending to enjoy watching them. So I'm bored....

1. The New Prince of Tennis - I'm a big fan of this series first season The Prince of Tennis whether anime or manga. But the 2nd installment was quite a disappointment for me. For some reason I don't understand this U-17 Camp thing, don't get me wrong I still love the series its just as the series progresses the matches becomes weirder and weirder, as in you really had to shed a few liter of blood to win a match, the training was also a matter of life and death *losers on their matches trains on cliffs?* and the new techniques dynamics are becoming too complicated for me to understand even though I can follow some basic Physics principle and they are uhmmm high school students? And the anime was a major turn off  for me *though I still watched it*. They had cut most of my favorite bits on the manga and added some boring fillers and most of all they cut the SANADA VS YUKIMURA match....

2. Gravitation EX - I know the author Maki Murakami had a depression of some sort that she decided to stop writing the series but I remembered reading on some of the communities and blogs I had visited that she had decided to continue the series so I wonder if it had happened already cause it been a while since I heard a news regarding it....

3. Okane Ga Nai - Uhmmm its been a while since I had read the series I wonder if it was finished already. The last chapter I read was Vol. 8 Chapter 4.5 Extra Episode: I Can't Quit....

    Being said, I'm going back to checking those bacterias *need to count them all in case there are some growth already* cause I can see my boss doing rounds in the area....... (^_^)
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Finally after another long day of work it's time to go home ^_^. Decided to drop by at the mall  to bought some stuff...damn too many people, forgot it's Saturday and its the 14th day of the month (payday for some companies.....long line of people on ATM's) and after surviving my weekly grocery spree, I'm already starving and its just 6:00 PM??? Geez, thank GOD I bought some brownies because I can't take a detour to a fast food chain or any restaurant because of..Tadah! Heavy Traffic Jam !!! Thanks to online traffic updates, I can finally see why I'm stuck on my way home for almost 2 hours. Yeah, just a few minutes of rain and it seems that most major highways got flooded easily nowadays.... Makes you wonder where are your taxes going to? It's just a few minutes of rain and we finally have an extension of Manila Bay....but I wonder what's on the mind of that car braving the flood water alone? *shrugs, continues munching on some brownies*

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Me: Uhmm, 3rd aisle from the right Sir?
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Yeah, that bastard alarm clock of mine destroyed my wonderful dream of me and Asami on a date. So I accidentally throw it across the room. Now I need to buy a new one on my way home *don't wanna use my phone for alarm, I might throw it also, haist* or I would end up being late at work everyday.....
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The way Itachi told his brother that "You don't have to forgive me. no matter what happens to you from here on out, I will always love you...... makes me wanna cry.... *don't worry, I love will always love you too Itachi*
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....opps! *corrects entry*
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Woke up so early today even though I'm still mentally and physically drained from finishing my research project all night. Thank GOD I'm done and just going to submit it to my Boss later at work. Decided to go check my social networking accounts since I think my social net life suffers after months of being busy on my project. And Tadah! found a funny picture while browsing my FB account.

Geez, how appropriate since I'm having eggs and fried rice for breakfast. My refrigerator is empty since I forgot to do my shopping. Maybe later after work. Happy Monday everyone. (^_^)
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* Excerpt from Paolo Coelho's book " The Alchemist " that had completed 225 weeks in The NY Times Bestseller list.
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New Police Story starring Jackie Chan is being aired now on a local TV station in the Philippines. Although most of the violent part is being cut (a group of rebellious youth killing police officers violently, making it appears like they are on a video game) maybe because its weekend and most families are at home. I remember watching it along time ago *elementary or high school days* with my family. I remember being distressed over the movie, though I don't know why...that I haven't been able to sleep at night for a  week but still it is one of my favorite movie of all time, plot wise. And as I am watching it again the only thing that comes to my mind  is Viewfinder and Asami and Asami and Asami and more Asami.......

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Currently enjoying the free Wi-Fi on the bus on my way to work (though the signal is not that good) and currently sporting a major headache for seeing lots of THOR related stuff yesterday while surfing the net for some Research and Development project I'm currently on (yeah, and as a joke says on a social networking site it's because its THORsday, duh) I think I need a long sleep......

By the way, found a nice pic from Manga Here.
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Enjoying navigating around my LJ account, though I'm having problems loading my user pic...hope I can fix it. 


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