Nov. 16th, 2013 12:17 pm
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A week after the Super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) help were finally coming in. I've been trying to avoid watching tv these past few days because its really depressing watching the aftermath of the typhoon. Believe me its really heartbreaking. Help from the local government and other countries are now coming in to the affected areas in Leyte. Hope things would be better from now on. BANGON PILIPINAS...
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Can't sleep due to the typhoon...currently experiencing light rain showers accompanied by strong winds...very strong. And I believe this is just the tail of the storm. Storm signal no.1 was raised in our area. I can clearly hear the roar of the wind... praying for the typhoon to leave the philippine area of responsibility ASAP.

*Our country was entirely covered by the Typhoon that you can't see it if not for the red lines in the middle.
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...currently experiencing the strength of typhoon yolanda here in the city. Praying to be home before the typhoon strengthen.

*photo credit to GMA news online

My Oh My!

Nov. 5th, 2013 09:07 pm
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...the moment I realized I'm a certified SONE...posting Girls Generation (SNSD) newest japanese single on my LJ account..LOL.. This is my sister's KPOP addiction influence on me...

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...while trying to withdraw money through a ATM machine last November 2, the machine suddenly chooses to system crash while I'm waiting for the money to be dispense, oh yeah, major bad luck when I needed the money. The big problem was the card was owned by my mom who was currently working abroad and will be back on aside from I can't do anything because of strict bank policy, I'm currently close to being a beggar LOL. Nah, I have work and had a decent salary but I had spent most of the money for some stuff I bought during the holidays while our salary was delayed due to the past holiday season so I'm thinking of going to my sister's house for now to survive the week. Though as much as I wanted to protest for the unfairness of the situation (really, its not my fault the ATM system crashes when I'm in the middle of transaction) I still had work to do and I'm taking out my frustrations online...whew!


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